Taking All Bets: Amazon Versus Santa Claus

A new commercial has parents across the globe considering whether they can survive life without Amazon Prime because the online retailer exposed Santa as a fake.

Amazon took a bold stance by chiming in on the illegitimacy of Santa Claus in a new commercial that has moms and dads steaming. Having had a tremendous impact on how cultures across the globe shop, Amazon is positioned to spearhead a conversation about holiday diversity as they boldly expose Santa as a fraud.

While many parents push the fictitious Saint Nick narrative, millions of other families do not engage. Just as Amazon has the right to integrate a Santa Claus actor into a commercial, the reverse also holds true. The billion dollar company has every right to acknowledge families across the world who appreciate a good holiday character yet have no loyalty to the Santa Claus narrative.

This isn’t an attack on Christmas or Christianity. It’s simply an assertion that diverse holiday practices exist and all sides deserve a chuckle.

Take a look at the ad and let me know what you think!


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